Zach Braff Shares Old Tweet Predicting Sean Spicer on 'DWTS,' and Fans Have Questions

Zach Braff was among the people shocked to hear that Sean Spicer had been cast on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, though it was not the first time he had thought about it. This week, Braff shared a tweet from more than two years ago, where he had joked about the idea of Spicer "waltzing" across the reality TV screen as if it were impossible.

Sean Spicer is among the stars dancing through ABC's fall lineup. The former White House Press Secretary will be featured on ABC's hit reality series, but he hopes to keep politics out of it. For many, it is inconceivable that the former spokesperson for the Trump administration can be featured on the show. For Braff, the idea was once so ludicrous that he framed it as a joke.

"Can't wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars," Braff tweeted on July 21, 2017, the day that Spicer resigned from his job as Press Secretary.

"Mean to be a joke because in my mind ABC would never normalize such an incredibly horrible person," Braff added, retweeting himself this past Thursday.

Spicer was a contentious figure in the early days of the Trump administration. He served as the president's Press Secretary for about half a year, delivering the news from within the White House with an often combative tone. Spicer resigned the post in in turmoil, then left the administration altogether about a month later.

As hectic as the world of political news has been in recent years, few people have forgotten Spicer and his unique brand of dispensing official statements. He was condemned for defending the president on issues where he was demonstrably wrong, such as the size of the crowd at his inauguration. This led to White House aide Kellyanne Conway coining the term "alternative facts."

Spicer found his way into pop culture even then, though never as himself. He became a staple in the political skits on Saturday Night Live, where he was played by celebrity guest Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy played up Spicer's apparent temper, and his lack of patience with the White House press corps.

These days, Spicer tries to make light of his time in the White House. This is not his first attempt at going mainstream, either. In September of 2017 he appeared at the Emmy Awards, parodying himself in a skit at the awards show. He later released a book titled "The Briefing: Politics: the Press, and the President, detailing his tenure in the Trump White House.


ABC and Spicer are still taking flack for his involvement in Dancing With the Stars this season, but so far there is no word of backing down on this decision. Spicer told CNN that he saw no conflict of interest in his participation in the show.

"I think this is an entertainment show. I look forward to having some fun. And if people are looking for news, I suggest they tune into a news program," he said.