Amy Duggar King Shares 'Beautiful' Moment From Grandmother's Funeral

Amy (Duggar) King, niece of Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is continuing to open up about the loss of Grandma Mary Duggar. Appearing on PEOPLE Now Tuesday afternoon, the Counting On cousin reflected on the “beautiful” moment that occurred at her grandmother’s funeral that made her feel as though Duggar was still with her.

“When she passed away, the day that she did, there was a beautiful rainbow outside,” King revealed. “And on the day of her funeral, which was actually called a celebration of life, there was this amazing, amazing rainbow outside…We all cried, our whole family cried. It was just one of those beautiful moments where you’re like ‘she’s still with us, and we’re gonna love her.’”

Duggar’s funeral took place on Monday, June 17, just a little more than a week after she passed away on June 9 of an accidental drowning in her swimming pool at her home in Springdale, Arkansas. She was 78. After the celebration of life ceremony, King had taken to Instagram to share a photo of the rainbow she had seen that day.

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“There was a rainbow the day [grandma] passed away... I'm standing in [grandma's] front yard right now on the day of her funeral...and look,” the soon-to-be mom wrote alongside a photo of the rainbow. “You know [grandma] would say ‘Rainbows are a sign of God's Faithfulness; What a beautiful sight to see!”

Duggar was a beloved member of the Duggar family among their fans thanks to her frequent appearances on the family’s TLC series 19 Kids and Counting and later Counting On, and she shared an especially close bond with King.

Following her death, King had reflected on the loss, calling her grandmother her “best friend.”


“I’m at a loss for words, shaking as I even type this out. I loved her so much. She helped raise me, we did everything together," she wrote at the time. “We’ve been on countless trips, we had lunch together 3 times a week, and if we weren’t together we were either texting or calling each other."

Of course, King doesn’t let her grandmother stray far from her mind. Currently expecting her first child with husband Dillon King, the mom-to-be has frequently reflected on the impact her grandmother has had on her life as she continues to document her pregnancy for her fans on social media.


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