Jonny Fairplay Talks 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction,' Which Castaway He Thinks 'Sucks Eggs'

Survivor: Edge of Extinction may have some fans calling it one of the best seasons in recent memory, but as for Jonny Fairplay? One of the most memorable Survivor alums of all time is calling it one of the worst.

Ahead of Fairplay's live Survivor NSFW podcast at Zanies Nashville, the Survivor: Pearl Island and Micronesia alum stopped by the studio to discuss what about Edge of Extinction completely misses the point for him and which castaway in particular "sucks eggs."

"I think when all said and done, it'll be probably top 10 one of the worst seasons in the history of the show," he began, saying that the simple concept of Extinction, where eliminated castaways can stew on an all-but-deserted island for a chance to judge the winner — or win their way back into the game — ruins the season from the start.

"You're [first eliminated castaway Reem Daly], you're voted out day three, you deserve zero ability in determining whether I deserve $1 million," he explained. "If you didn't play against me, if you didn't see me in action, if you didn't know my name when you were eliminated, you don't deserve to cast a vote on whether I deserve $1 million."

Theme aside, Fairplay told his pre-show pick to win it all hasn't changed, with Rick Devens making his way back from the Edge of Extinction to make a viable play at winning the $1 million.

"Winning his way back in is A., you have someone that the people on the Edge of Extinction like — he's one of them," he said of Devens' chance to win it all. "And, B., that was a heroic moment [when he returned from the Edge of Extinction], you know ... I think it's shifted from the remaining players in the game going, 'Screw these people, we've already voted them out. They don't deserve to come back.' It morphed into, 'Wow, that was heroic the way Rick Devens won his way back into the game.' And it kind of won a spot in my heart. So I think that moment right there was huge."

As for one of Devens' top competitors when it really comes down to it? It was hard for Fairplay to admit, but Dan "Wardog" DaSilva might also have a chance to make it to the end, especially after his big moves resulted in voting out both David Wright and Kelley Wentworth back-to-back.

"Kudos to a guy that I hate, the Wardog, for doing that," he shrugged, saying that while he hates the player so much he sells shirts reading "Wardog Sucks Eggs," an impressive move like that deserves credit.

Fairplay explained that his dislike of the former Lesu comes from before the season even premiered during the cast assessment. "I'm like, I hate him ... He's explained to me how great he is and how he's better than all those previous, and I'm just like, you've done nothing."

Watching him play, Fairplay felt vindicated, he explained, slamming Wardog as "one of the weakest, worst players ever" until he rallied the remaining castaways to get out the two biggest threats in the game with just a few simple meetings."

"I think the Wardog is the most impressive character on this season of Survivor," he admitted, adding as an afterthought, "I still don't like him. ...On a personal level, he sucks."


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Photo credit: CBS