'Big Brother' Names Third Head of Household for Season 20

After a dramatic week with Kaitlyn Herman in charge, contestant Scottie Salton emerged as the third Head of Household of Big Brother season 20.

During Thursday's all new hour, the houseguests dealt with the fallout of Tyler Crispen using the veto power to save Salton from being evicted, and Herman putting up Chris "Swaggy C" Williams up for eviction along with Winston Hines.

Despite repeated conversations pleading to stay in the house, Swaggy C was eliminated from the competition during the season's second live eviction, with fans shocked with Salton betraying his alliance and voting to evict Swaggy.

(Photo: Bill Inoshita / CBS)

With little time to process the latest elimination, the remaining houseguests quickly prepared to compete in the next Head of Household competition.

Contestants played a game called "Product Launch," where they watched two videos featuring the summer launch of fictional tech company Pineapple, Inc. After each video, host Julie Chen asked contestants questions about the videos and the houseguest who answered up to seven questions correctly won the honor.

At the end of the true/false competition, Salton came out the winner after going on a tie-breaker question with Rachel Swindler.

Big Brother fans were quick to comment on Salton unexpected win and overall game during the episode.

The competition series follows a group of people living together cut off from the outside world in a house outfitted with almost 100 HD cameras (94, to be exact) and more than 100 microphones (113), where they're under constant, 24/7 surveillance.

On the show, house guests vote weekly to evict one another, with the last remaining contestant receiving the grand prize of $500,000. They also compete in weekly Head of Household competitions to gain control of the house and decide who will be nominated for eviction.


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