'Teen Mom 2' Cast Member Leah Messer Thought She Was 'Dying' From Stomach Illness

Teen Mom 2 cast member Leah Messer has been battling an unnamed illness, but it seems like she is on the mend.

Messer took to Twitter on Friday to reveal that she had been battling a rough stomach virus of some sort that was pushing her to her limits.

"The stomach bug going around is the worsttttt," Messer wrote. "I thought I was dying for a good 48 hours. Finallly feeling a little better."

Fans filled the replies with well wishes and medical advice to the mother-of-three as she recovered from the virus.

Messer has not updated the status of her illness since that tweet.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member has been in the news for some drama surrounding one of her co-stars and her ex-husband.

Jeremy Calvert and main Teen Mom 2 personality Jenelle Evans were recently embroiled in a Twitter war over Evans' gun use during a recent road rage incident.

The feud ramped up when Calvert tweeted out a message that was apparently directed at Evans.

"You are irrelevant in my life and others that are associated with me," Calvert wrote. "So no need to put ur two sense into anything that has to deal with me or my life. You look silly no one cares bout ur opinion in anyway shape or form. Worry bout ur own life. Thank you!"

Evans soon struck back and claimed Calvert had not gone through proper procedures to get his own firearms.

However, Calvert quickly countered her allegation by saying he had in fact had several background checks done. In fact, MTV allegedly made him undergo background checks due to Evans and Eason's recent gun controversies.

"Hey [Jeremy], that’s funny you don’t want a background check for all your guns but in order for myself to even obtain my gun I had a full background check," Evans wrote. "I’m legally allowed to have mine, but are you?"

Calvert responded, "Hahaha you dumb b—, yes I have a background check done when I purchase guns. MTV wanted me to have one done cause I own guns and because of you two dumb f—s. And guess what I have zero s— on my record. Unlike you! Go get a job instead of laying on ur back."

Messer then felt obliged to chime in on the issue, and took to Twitter to comment on the situation. She did not really take a side, but she did throw some shade at Calvert.


"Ohhhh lawdddd, yallll got my crazy ass ex husband on a rant now," Messer wrote, adding some laughing emoji, Calvert's username and the hashtag for "greattttt."

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Monday night's episode will be the season premiere.