Jessa Duggar Mom Shamed for Showing Son Barefoot Outside

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald just cannot escape the mom-shamers.

On Thursday, the Counting On star posted a video of her sons, Henry Seewald and Spurgeon Seewald, playing outside on a warm spring day. Though the video appears innocent enough, some fans were quick to clog the comments section, criticizing the mom-of-two for allowing her little ones to roam around outside barefoot.

“Put shoes on the kid,” one commenter candidly wrote.

“Just saying he had shoes available to him no? put em on its not carpet outside,” another wrote.

“If she wanna run the risk of her poor baby getting stabbed in the foot with something on the floor simply because he was not wearing shoes then she can,” one person criticized.

“Put some shoes on him. yall arnt living in a 3rd world country , get with it the floors rough!” commented another.

One person even shared a horror story of their own experience of allowing their child outside barefoot.

“When my daughter was little she always wanted to be barefoot. I was a new mother and didn't realize the dangers. She got a bad infection on her foot and one of her toes had to be amputated. May God bless you & your babies."

Despite the criticism, there were many more fans who praised Jessa for her parenting, and the fact that she allows her sons to go without shoes.

“You Can Clearly See Sidewalk Is Clean. I am 56 we ran around bare foot all the time.... it's part of being a toddler and child!! Feel the earth, grass, sidewalk on your feet..... and love the sand on your feet!!” one person commented.

“Notice how he stops when he feels the wet cement. Exploring through their five senses is the best way for babies/ toddlers to learn!” another wrote.

“The kids don't need shoes unless they're in an area that would hurt their feet. This looks like a safe, fun place to go barefoot. Let 'em be kids!”

Meanwhile, the lack of Jessa showing herself on camera had many discussing recent rumors that she is expecting baby number three with husband Ben Seewald.

The Counting On personality seemingly accidentally confirmed that she was pregnant during an appearance in a TLC video, during which she says “When we talk, it's so fun to just compare the different things we're experiencing in pregnancy. See what things are similar. See what things are different.”


In a previous TLC clip, Ben and Jessa contemplated having another child, though they also recently said that their lives are currently “too busy.”

The couple tied the knot in 2014 and has since brought two children into their family since then — sons Spurgeon Elliot, 2, and Henry Wilberforce, 1.