'American Idol' Judge Katy Perry on Cutting Her Hair Short: 'There's Nothing to Hide Behind'

Katy Perry is known for her bold looks, trying almost every color and style of hair and makeup imaginable as a way of reinventing and transforming herself almost every day.

The American Idol judge has already launched two makeup collections with CoverGirl, and is readying to release a third collection complete with cat-themed eye shadow, false lashes and baby blue lip gloss. But for Perry, makeup isn't only a way to transform herself, it also liberates her and brings out inner confidence.

“I love makeup’s power to transform and empower,” the songstress told PEOPLE. “It could be a day look gloss that you glam up with some glitter to go out. It’s a little whisper of a lash to put new curtains on the windows to your soul. There’s something for everyone in this collection, and it allows anyone to be anything!”

The 33-year-old singer went through a major aesthetic transformation last year when she chopped her hair into a short platinum pixie cut, which she says has inspired a new outlook on her makeup routine as well.

“The short hair obviously really puts your face at the forefront — there’s nothing to hide behind! I focus on clean, beautiful skin, and then a statement eye or a statement lip,” she said. “I love playing with unexpected colors for my eyes, so the Cool Kat Palette is a favorite at the moment. And with the weather getting warmer, especially here in South America where I’m on tour, Katy Kat Gloss is such a cheerful way to dress up your smile.”

The singer said she takes on new personas regularly, from being on tour to hosting American Idol and more. For Idol, she called her look “classic with a twist, to last all day,” whereas when she’s on tour, she goes for “retro space age boldness,” and everyday, it’s “all me with a pop of gloss or a lash.”

So when crafting her latest product line, Perry said she wanted to create something that could transform everyone, with the addition of a little shimmer.

“I love that we have both a warm and a cool eyeshadow palette — all pressed into the shape of kitty faces, naturally,” she said. “I’m really excited to finally add glitter to my collection.”

When she’s not busy applying glitter, Perry, who is in the middle of her Witness tour and promoting American Idol, also is focused on her physical and mental health through exercise, meditation and a healthy diet.

“Self-care is definitely about balance, especially when I’m on the road,” she said. “I take time for massage and acupuncture to help my muscles and joints recover from running around the stage for two hours every show. I do yoga, I meditate, and I try to eat well to keep my energy up and to avoid getting sick while I’m traveling.”

And she makes sure to take time for herself regularly. “Taking time for myself is definitely important — I’m a person who puts a personal stamp on everything I do, from my tour to my makeup line, so it’s easy to get swept up into a vortex of work and approvals, but I also get energized and refreshed from having the privilege to do what I love for a living and be able to express myself in so many ways creatively.”


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Photo credit: ABC