[Spoiler] Eliminated After 'Survivor' Tribe Swap

The Survivor team swap is causing problems for tribe Naviti — and even more problems for Morgan Ricke, who was sent home in Wednesday's tribal council.

Angela Perkins also received three votes, and Libby Vincek received one.

After bringing in four members from rival tribe Malolo, the tribe was having trouble coming to a consensus on who to vote out, with competitor Chris Noble particularly pressuring his tribe members to send home immunity idol-holder Domenick Abbate.

But when Noble was sent to Ghost Island, keeping him from participating in the tribal council, the team was torn, resulting in a near tie.

"We were on the bed plotting together, we were in the living room coming up with something," Wendall Holland said. "All you can hope for is someone to crack, maybe pull someone over."

Perkins was also conflicted, saying, "I got out of the kitchen as well and talked and tonight I'm kind on the fence. I can either go with the popular decision or the right decision for me. but I've gotten an immense amount of pressure but right now I want it to be the right decision for me."

In the end, Vincek's vote was the one to send Ricke home, despite her having the legacy advantage, proving there's more to this "sweet" woman than fans originally thought.

But there's a twist. Ricke's legacy idol was then willed to Abbate, who is now in an amazing position with both a legacy and immunity idol.

Fans immediately weighed in on the elimination on Twitter.


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS