Blogger Learns the Hard Way What It Takes to Look Like Kylie Jenner Online

A YouTube vlogger learned the hard way just how difficult it is to recreate Kylie Jenner's famous Instagram photos. While the new mom makes it look easy to live her life of luxury, Sari Jones of Washington State found it really hard to look like them ore famous 20-year-old.

On Sunday, Jones posted a new video on her channel titled "I Copied Kylie Jenner's Instagram Photos for a Week!" In the five-minute video, she showed her fans how she prepared for the experiment.

"This shall be interesting, they’re probably not going to be as good as hers, lets be real, Walmart vs Chanel," she told her subscribers. "How does she do it? How does she take these pictures?"

While some die-hard Jenner fans have gone above and beyond with plastic surgery, Jones decided to just go to a wig shop to recreate Jenner's long black hair. After finding the right wig, she tried to find less-expensive versions of the many fashionable clothes Jenner poses in.

It turned out that it was harder just to get in the same poses as Jenner. One that was particularly difficult was a kneeling pose, while wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants with flames on them.

"How does she do this, she must have a professional poser," Jones wondered. "This feels awkward."

Jones had better luck at recreating an older Jenner photo, where the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star showed off a flat stomach while drinking iced coffee.

"This video was a mess, I looked like The Grudge in that wig," Jones told her followers as she posed for her boyfriend, who took the photos. "I thought the pictures would turn out pretty good but guys, it’s way harder than it looks. This was so hard."

Like Jenner, Jones has a sizeable following with 2.1 million YouTube subscribers. She also has 1.1 million Instagram subscribers, compared to Jenner's 104 million.

Jenner's latest photo might be more difficult for Jones to recreate, since Jenner is seen carrying her newborn, Stormi Webster. Stormi, whose father is rapper Travis Scott, was born on Feb. 1.


"My angel baby is 1 month old today," Jenner wrote.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Sarai Jones