Report: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Producers Want to Fire Mel B

Mel B has always played a combative figure on America’s Got Talent, but new rumors suggest the producers have had enough, and they want to replace the tough-love judge.

The report comes from TMZ, where an insider at the show allegedly opened up about the drama behind the scenes. Mel B — whose full name is Melanie Brown — reportedly gets into confrontations frequently with people on set, from crew members to producers to her fellow judges. Producers are starting to feel that she is not worth the trouble, according to the insider.

The source went on to say that their ideal replacement for Brown would be Queen Latifah, and they would like to get her in by next season. Latifah is under contract with Fox for the series Star, however, so it’s unclear whether this is a real goal or just a fantasy for producers.

Brown has a well-documented on screen feud with Simon Cowell, though it often seems to be a fun, half-joking rivalry on air. She even threw her drink at him once on live TV after he made a crack about her wedding.

The insider says that it’s not all fun and games, however. When the cameras are off, the chiding can turn into real fighting, and not just with Cowell, but with anyone the former Spice Girl sets her sights on.

This news comes with just over a month left before the America’s Got Talent judge auditions begin.