'Teen Mom' Fans Divide When Farrah Abraham Visits Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club

Farrah Abraham gets bashed online pretty regularly, but her latest post actually earned her a slew of new fans.

The Teen Mom OG cast member shared an image from Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach, Florida, resort owned by President Donald Trump.

In the selfie's caption, referenced Trump a couple times, saying she loves her president and addressing a compliment to him. She also said "America is great again" using a hashtag.

This fondness of Trump led to a chorus of commenters being very excited about the adult film star's political leanings.

"You're a Trump supporter??" one fan wrote. "Oh girl, YAS!!! I knew you were smart!! Trump Train Make America Great Again!!"

Another wrote, "Yes!! MAGA!!"

However, it wasn't all support. Some commenters disliked her even more because of the shout-out. Some also added that due to her rumored financial turmoil, she really shouldn't be spending money at such a luxurious spot.

"She just went bankrupt, and now she's praising President Trump," user Kristina Kay wrote. "She is a nut job."

Another commenter added, "We all knew you were stupid Farrah, but goodness, you’ve officially made yourself look so pathetic. I feel sorry for you."

Regardless of the controversy in the comments and the MTV star's political leanings, the photo has received 11,000 likes.