'Deadliest Catch' Season 15 First Look Promises Crushing Competition and Gnarly Injuries


'Deadliest Catch' Season 15 First Look Promises Crushing Competition and Gnarly Injuries

Why Didn't MTV Air the Violent Fight That Happened During the 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion?

When reports surfaced that Jenelle Evans almost got in a fistfight while her husband David Eason pulled a knife during the Teen Mom 2 reunion filming, fans were looking forward to seeing the dramatic footage play out on screen. But they were sorely disappointed when the special ended without airing anything related to the fight.

Eason's wife Jenelle Evans confirmed rumors that production had to be shut down due to a fight between her and ex Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend Ashley Lanhart after she hugged Evans' mom Barbara.

Evans said that Lanhart started the fight, "cussing [her] out" after she heard her making fun of Lanhart for being on camera after earlier saying Teen Mom 2 was "bulls--t."

According to Evans, the woman had to be pinned to a wall and asked to leave in front of her and Griffith's son Kaiser. Griffith denied this version of events, calling them the "biggest lies" on earth.

The MTV cast member also acknowledged that Eason had pulled a knife backstage, but said he only did so to pop a few balloons in anger after the bartender refused to serve him beer at the production party.

"So supposedly David's a dangerous person because he popped some balloons," she said incredulously.

Instead of airing anything related to these disputes, the special only showed Eason and Evans storming off the set once Dr. Drew called him "aggressive."

Fans were wondering where that footage was in an otherwise uneventful reunion: