Trolls Target Kailyn Lowry's Son in 'Teen Mom 2' Star's Instagram

Can a mother live? That's what Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry must be thinking after a simple social media post was overrun by haters commenting on her 3-year-old's hairdo.

The mother of three shared a sponsored post for baby carriers picturing a sweet photo of her and her 2-month-old son Lux and 3-year-old Lincoln on Oct. 4. While there were a number of supportive comments from fans, some started to get nasty.

"Looks like he got girl bangs," one commenter said.

"I love little Lincoln but y'all got my man's hair cut like jimmy carey in dumb and dumber bro," another said.

Luckily, other commenters came to the toddler's defense.

"It's really sad when people have to pick on a kids haircut," one fan commented. "You don't like it that's fine but keep it to yourself no need to be posting nasty comments. No wonder so many bully's about when full grown adults can't be nice about a kid."

"Amen. All the rude and hating comments on innocent babies," another added.

Luckily the 25-year-old mother is no stranger to clapping back at haters.

In 2015, she told her followers, “Don’t ask for pictures and if you’re thinking about leaving a rude comment then unfollow me. ...I don’t want to hear ‘you put your life on tv so deal with it’ either.”