UPS Delivers Assault Rifle To 6-Year-Old Instead Of Christmas Present

If you're good, Santa brings you presents, and if you're bad, Santa gives you coal. However, UPS has us wondering what it means if Santa brings you an assault rifle for Christmas.

A family in New York got a horrifying surprise when they opened a Christmas gift for their 6-year-old granddaughter in front of her. 66-year-old Joel Berman ordered a toy plane for his granddaughter, and when it arrived, opened it for her with excitement.

The family's excitement quickly turned to shock as they instead found an assault rifle, scope, ammunition, and an Arizona man's license and concealed weapons permit.

The family quickly called the police to get the assault rifle out of their home and into proper hands, and also filed a claim with UPS over the mishap.

A representative of UPS was unaware of the incident when contacted for a statement.


Most of us are surprised if we get something like socks or underwear as a present, so this might have been quite a shock. What's the must surprising present you've ever gotten? Let us know in the comments!