President Joe Biden's First 'Scandals' Get the Late Night Joke Treatment

President Joe Biden was sworn into office only two days ago and is already creating "scandals." The Late Show With Stephen Colbert had some fun with one of his scandals, poking fun at the fact that the president uses a Peloton bike, which has been looked at as a major cybersecurity issue. In the parody video, a Russian instructor pops up on his Peloton screen eager to get nuclear codes and other state secrets. "I love this song," the instructor says. "It reminds me of my hometown, Wisconsin... Ohio. Now let's set our resistance to first digit of nuclear code, and then second digit of nuclear code and so on."

Colbert and his crew weren't the only ones to poke fun at Biden; The Daily Show Trevor Noah also pointed out that Fox News covered an array of Biden topics as well, including the new president being sworn in almost 10 minutes earlier than he was supposed to, Biden using note cards during his inauguration speech, not curing COVID-19, Biden supporters refusing to socially distance at his inauguration and having a Peloton bike. They also noted that Biden had hired his own security team.

When coronavirus number surged throughout America, Biden started using a Peloton bike to keep in shape and stay healthy while in quarantine. According to The New York Times, he started each day "with a workout in an upstairs gym that contains a Peloton bike, weights and a treadmill, and that he plans on bringing that into the White House this time around.

Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday following one of the most contentious election cycles in modern times. He took the Presidential Oath of Office on the west side of the U.S. Capitol building with former Vice President Mike Pence in attendance. However, former President Donald Trump refused to attend and left the White House earlier in the day.

His inauguration ceremony was followed by a 90-minute multi-network TV special titled Celebrating America that was hosted by Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks. Several other A-list celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato and Jon Bon Jovi performed during the special night as well.


The 78-year-old is now the oldest to be elected and serve as president. Biden had his first run in the White House as vice president to President Barack Obama and announced he would be running for president himself in April 2019. Because of the heightened emotion surrounding the 2020 election, there was a record number of voter turnout on Nov. 3.