Picture Of Woman With ‘Three Legs’ Has Caused The Internet To Lose Its Mind

A picture of a woman with "three legs" has surfaced on the Internet, and people are absolutely losing their minds.


Internet users have been staring at this photo and racking their brains for considerable lengths of time, but most have been unable to figure out exactly what is going on in this bizarre snap without being told the answer.

The girl in the gray dress is seated on the floor while it appears as if she is resting on three legs. The question comes to mind: If the girl doesn't actually have three legs, then which one is the fake one? The leg on the far left? The middle leg?

The answer to this perplexing riddle is actually right before your eyes, but you have to know exactly where to look. Check out the photo below to see the optical illusion solved.

The girl in the picture does not actually have three legs. She is holding an urn of some sort on the right side of her body, which makes her appear to have an extra limb.


Kudos to anybody who was able to spot the urn at first glance!

If you thought this was intriguing, be sure to check out some of these awesomely confusing optical illusion photos that have been confounding people on the Internet recently.

Did you think this girl had three legs when you first looked at this photo or were you able to spot the urn right away?


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