Notorious Drug Lord George Jung Is Back In Jail

George Jung, the notorious drug lord Johnny Depp portrayed in the 2001 film Blow, has gone back to jail.

The 74-year-old has been thrown behind bars once again for violating his parole. However the infamous drug smuggler maintains that it is his manager's fault, according to TMZ.

Jung reportedly took a trip to San Diego to make some money for making an appearance at an event. He wasn't able to get in touch with his parole officer in order to request permission from the authorities for the travel arrangements, but Jung says that his manager insisted that everything would be fine given that the event would only be a 4 hour work trip.

The manager was clearly wrong as Jung was arrested on Tuesday after arriving home in Sacramento.

George was released from jail in 2014 after serving a 20-year sentence for running cocaine, according to jail records.

Because of his past record, Jung will not be eligible for bail. He will remain in the Sacramento County jail until his next court date.

The movie based on Jung's life, Blow, starred Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, and Ray Liotta. Back in 2015, George Jung hung out for the first time with Johnny Depp after being released from jail.

While incarcerated, Jung actually wrote a sequel to Blow titled Heavy.

Here's the official synopsis for the book: "It's 1980. Civil war's been declared in El Salvador, fifty-two American Hostages are being held captive in the U.S. Embassy in Terrain and Drug smuggler George Jung and his crew are serving out an indefinite sentence in Carcel Sandino, one of the most brutal prisons on the island of Cuba. After an arranged escape, Jung, his pilot, Ralph Linez, and two others manage to steal a luxury sailing yacht and are soon shipwrecked in Central America. From there, the four enter a 'Fight or Flight' climate of survival with the eventual quest of making it back home to the United States."

You can buy the book on Amazon here.


Do you think George Jung should be at fault for his manager telling him its ok to travel without getting permission from his parole officer?