Man Passes Away After Two Intoxicated Friends Move Him Outside

It’s probably not a good idea to leave a sleeping friend outside in the cold. It’s especially not a good idea to leave a drunk and naked sleeping friend outside in the cold. Two French men are facing serious consequences after the friend they left out in the cold died.

All three men had spent the night drinking together and having a good time in a Paris suburb. The victim, who was only 35, was the first one to pass out. He fell into a deep sleep, to which his friends took advantage of, stripping him naked and writing things on his face. To be fair, they only stripped him naked so he wouldn’t drive home when he got up.

beer caps
(Photo: Facebook / Gerlach's Bowling Center)

Problem is, he never woke up. During the night, when the other two friends decided to go to sleep, the victim was, apparently, snoring too loudly for the other two. So, they decided to take him outside so sleep in the courtyard.

That night, the temperature dropped as low as 37 degrees. Because of the drop in temperature, the man passed away in his sleep. His friends now face manslaughter charges.

The names of the friends and the victim have not been reported.


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