Comic John Crist Gets Frank on How He Paired up With Social Media Personality Trey Kennedy (Exclusive)

Comics and social media sensations, John Crist and Trey Kennedy are behind some of the funniest viral videos on the internet today, raking in big hits and a plethora of laughs with fans across the world. But while the two are among the best of friends, there was once a time when fans thought the pair were one in the same, which gave the two an ample opportunity to link up for crossover content that has become a fan-favorite.

In an exclusive with to chat about his comedy and upcoming Netflix special, Crist reveals how he and Kennedy managed to form a friendship based on the fan assumption for content that has since gone viral.

"What's funny is that, he gets mad every time I say this but this is a true story," Crist told while chuckling. "So, you watch other people's content online, you're like, 'Oh, this guy seems like he's similar to me,' and not necessarily in content, maybe in like values. Like, alright, he's not swearing, he's not talking derogatory ... I'm guessing he's probably on the same [page] ... I thought he was hilarious."

Crist goes on to explain how when he reached out to Kennedy, all he heard at the time were crickets as a response.

"I reached out to him several times to be like, 'Hey dude, we should collab... it's real dumb when you don't have any ideas," he explained. "Other people with a lot of followers, they just want your followers, like, 'Hey, we should do a thing, like, okay' — but we [Crist and Kennedy] actually think each other are very funny."

But while Kennedy never responded to Crist, the 35-year-old comedian, Crist's sister stepped in to further his relationship with the budding social media personality.

"He never responded and then, my sister, who is like, young and cute — she was like, 'Let me see if I can — 'cause she manages me, my little sister [and] she reached out to him [and] like three minutes later [he was like], 'Hey, what's up!'" he said.

It's probably safe to say, fans are thanking Crist's little sister for that formation as the two are now "great buddies," with Crist admitting he still makes fun of Kennedy to this day for how things went down.

By far, one of their most popular videos shows the two highlighting stereotypical bachelorette parties that visit Nashville — the city Crist resides in currently — while they parade around different spots in Music City.

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Every Nashville Bachelorette (w/ ya boi @treynkennedy)

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Another popular clip features a hilarious take on single women on Valentine's Day which earned them nearly a half a million likes combined!

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Single Girls on Valentine’s Day w/ @treynkennedy

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Those aren't the only two that are racking up heart buttons, they've posted several videos together since and plan on pushing out more in the future.

As for Crist's videos without Kennedy, he confessed that he never expected them to get so many likes and views and made it clear that he just likes to share ideas that interest him — he doesn't do it for the popularity.

"I never really made videos to get cool on the internet, I just made videos that I liked to make," the comedian shared.

Crist has a new Netflix special coming out in the fall that he revealed for the first time to called, I Ain't Praying For That. It's a family friendly piece that everyone in the household will be able to enjoy. His girlfriend and country music singer Lauren Alaina even helped with a "joke that is directly from her" that fans will be able to hear as well.


The Georgia native has been keeping busy with making videos for social media, spending some downtime with Alaina and preparing to travel the country for his upcoming comedy tour Immature Thoughts. Between his busy work schedule and gradual growth among social media users, fans will more than likely continue to see more and more of Crist in the near future.

For more information on him and the Immature Thoughts tour that starts in October, visit his official website.