Jennifer Lopez Cancels Million Dollar New Year's Eve Show

Many people dream of ever earning a million dollar paycheck for anything, but if you're Jennifer Lopez, money like that doesn't hold a candle to quality time with your family.

The music, movie, and TV sensation recently bought a home in Bel-Air and sources say spending time there with her family is all Lopez wants for the holidays.

Lopez was scheduled to perform on New Year's Eve at the E11even night club in Miami, but her busy schedule would leave her without much time for her family.

A source said, "She was just so consumed with 'Shades of Blue,' her concert and other obligations, getting on a plane for New Year's just seemed too much and she wanted some personal and family time during the holidays."


No matter how rich you might become, no one can put a price on family, and Lopez has proven that her family is worth at least a million and one dollars.