Dylann Roof Laughs When Confessing To The South Carolina Church Shooting

Dylann Roof is currently on trial after he confessed to walking into a church and opening fire on the parishioners. His confession interview was recently released and it shows an almost relaxed and emotionless Roof speaking to the authorities. What’s even more chilling is the Roof can be heard laughing as he confessed to his crimes.

On June 17, 2015, Roof entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He then opened fire on the parishioners, killing nine people. He is currently on trial for his crime. During his confession, after admitting that he did indeed shoot the people in that church, he is heard chuckling.

Roof can actually be heard chuckling a couple of times during his interview, almost as if he can’t believe that people are asking him these questions. He has an air of confusion around him at times. For example, it’s reported that when he was told that he had killed nine people, he didn’t believe that it was that many. He asked if the interviewer was lying to him.

Despite his aloofness to the severity of the situation he finds himself in, the courts did rule him competent enough to stand trial for his crime.

Watch the video below:


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