'Yellowstone': Ryan Bingham Reveals New Music and Touring Plans, Jokes That Show Keeps Him 'Pretty Busy' (Exclusive)

Yellowstone star Ryan Bingham is first and foremost a singer and songwriter, with several albums under his belt, and near-countless concert performances. The musician has been longing to get some new music out — it's been three years since his last full-length record was released — as well as hit the road to play for fans. During a recent interview with PopCulture.com, Bingham revealed that he does in fact have plans for some new music, as well as touring, but joked that Yellowstone is keeping him "pretty busy" right now.

"I've really been writing a lot. I've got some stuff I'm hoping to finish up this summer and have out by the end of the year or next year. I've got a lot in the works," he shared. "And then I've also got a lot of older songs that I want to rerecord acoustically. A lot of fans have been asking me for acoustic versions of my older songs that have never came out. And so, I'm going to just do some bootleg, stripped-down, just me and guitar versions of all these older songs and start putting those out as well. So, got a bunch of new stuff." One of the other things keeping Bingham busy is his partnership with Lone River Beverage Co. for their new Ranch Rita hard Seltzer, which fans can read more about here.

Bingham went on to explain his feelings behind re-recording his older songs, saying, "A lot of those songs I wrote in my early 20s, and literally walked into the studio and didn't have a whole lot of money or a lot of time to record them. And I just sat down and did one take and they're like, 'That's it, that's what it's got to be.' And so, I'm looking forward to having an opportunity to sit and get some good, maybe better versions of some of these older songs, too."

As for touring, this is something else Bingham has his sights set on. However, it looks as if it'll have to wait until Yellowstone wraps filming on Season 5. "I was trying to get to do some more stuff this summer, but to be honest, we're going to start with Yellowstone and working on that. So, that's keeping me pretty busy."

He went on to clarify that dad-life is another thing keeping him off the road at the moment. "And I've got three little kids too, so the time that I do have off, I'm trying to get home to either be with them or have them come up and go camping with me in Montana," he said. "But I definitely got like a few weekend shows on the books, and then hopefully later this fall, when I get done with Yellowstone, I can schedule some bigger and longer tours in there and play some music for people." Fans can catch up on past seasons of Yellowstone anytime on Peacock. Season 5 does not currently have an announced premiere date but is expected to debut on the Paramount Network sometime this fall.