VMAs 2019: Cardi B's Strange Acceptance Speech Just Confused Everyone

When Cardi B gets the microphone, there’s never any doubt something good is about to come out of [...]

When Cardi B gets the microphone, there's never any doubt something good is about to come out of her mouth. Her latest speech came on Monday night at the MTV Video Music Awards. Cardi B had just been selected as the winner of the Best Hip Hop Video.

Cardi B defeated others in her category that included Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" and Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" remix. She stepped up to accept the award and gave a speech that had many wondering what had just happened.

"Since this is the Video Music Awards and everything, I really want to thank my music video team — first Jora Frantzis — that's the director," Cardi B began her winning speech. "She gotta hear outta my mouth, 'I look ugly. Edit my stomach, edit my butt. Smooth my cellulite out… And I wanna thank my glam team, Erika, Tokyo. Thank y'all so much. Without y'all, my music videos wouldn't look like this. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!"

Later in the evening, Cardi B will look to take home some more hardware. She is nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video, Best Pop Video and Best Artist.

A few months ago, the rapper learned of new charges stemming from a strip club fight. It was released that she was facing two felony accounts of attempted assault, according to The Associated Press.