Travis Barker Involved in Serious School Bus Crash

Travis Barker got into a nasty car accident with a school bus on Friday, and his condition remains unknown.

Barker was driving through Calabasas in a black Mercedes on Friday evening, according to a report by TMZ. The Blink-182 drummer was making a wide left turn when a school bus, also making a turn, crashed directly into his vehicle. Police told the outlet that the school bus had no children on it.

The department also confirmed that Barker was at fault in the accident. Witnesses saw him walking around the scene of the crash, apparently uninjured enough to move around. However, he reportedly appeared "dazed," possibly indicating that he was in shock. His airbags had reportedly deployed.

Barker's son and other passengers were in his car with him. Their condition is also not known at this time.

Meanwhile, police had to block off a large portion of the street due to the mess caused by the wreck. In pictures published by TMZ, debris was scattered along the road. Barker's Mercedes SUV was left sitting diagonally in the middle of the road while the bus was several yards away, around the corner.

Unfortunately, this is not the only major accident Barker has been in. The punk rocker was in a plane crash back in 2008 in South Carolina. The business jet crashed during take-off and burst into flames just off of the runway. There were six people on the plane, and Barker was one of only two to survive the crash. The other was Adam Goldstein, better known by the stage name DJ AM.

Barker was badly injured in the crash. He and Goldstein were both taken to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia, according to a report by Rolling Stone at the time, where they could be treated for their severe burns. Barker reportedly spent over 11 weeks in various hospitals and burn centers. All told, he underwent 16 surgeries, numerous skin grafts and blood transfusions lasting up to eight hours.


Thankfully, Barker was able to seize his renewed lease on life. The 42-year-old who became famous for being in a crass pop-punk band is now a dedicated Catholic worshipper and a passionate vegan. He kicked a crippling addiction to painkillers and took up a highly active lifestyle. For some time in 2015, he even became one of the celebrity sponsors of the fitness brand Onnit.

Barker was very candid about the fact that he developed post-traumatic stress disorder after his plane crash, which will present an additional hurdle in recovering from the car accident on Friday.