Sebastian Bach Wants to Have Another 'Gilmore Girls' Run (Exclusive)

Famously known as the frontman for '80s rock band, Skid Row and a colorful career as an actor in both television and Broadway productions, Sebastian Bach is admitting that he would give the beloved mother-daughter series, Gilmore Girls another run if he had the chance.

While sitting down with in an exclusive interview, Bach admits he would reprise his role as struggling musician, Gil — a member of Lane Kim's [Keiko Agena] band — again if given the opportunity for yet another revival.

"Yes I would," he told "I like doing it, I like making stuff, I like making a show, making a T-shirt, making an album."

Bach admits the experience of shooting a TV show was very similar in certain ways to his 10 years on Broadway between 1996 to 2006.

"When I did Gilmore Girls, it reminded me of the Broadway experience ... just learning lines and becoming another character, and to me, everything in art is based on chemistry with your fellow band members or your fellow cast members or the writers and directors and the crew ... and the Gilmore Girls chemistry was so much fun."

While he may have been playing a character on the series, he did share one thing in common between his on-screen and off-screen personas: Music.

"I mean, there was a lot to relate to," he said as a response when it was suggested Bach and Gil had a lot in common. However, he went on to complement the show as a whole given the longevity of its life and popularity among fans. "That show has such staying power because it's still on Lifetime [and] Netflix, I'm in that one too."

Bach has kept busy since he and his original band members split up. Appearing in Broadway musicals like Jekyll and Hyde, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Show, all while appearing in films like Rock of Ages and TV series like Californication and Trailer Park Boys. Although he's had much success since his Skid Row days and shows no plans of slowing down, the transition didn't come easy.

"It was scary," he admitted when he and the original band broke up, prompting him to go solo. "I mean, it's not been done many times, but I just really didn't have a choice. I was in Skid Row and then we broke up in 1996."

The band, which lasted for a decade and formed 1986 was a "sad thing" to see end per Bach. "It's like a divorce, only with dudes," he described.

Bach is currently on tour where he'll be performing Skid Row's 1989 self-titled debut album in its entirety.

"I guess the fans like it, the novelty of when they put a CD in their car, or when they listen to it on their phone, the album, they kind of like to have that happen live in their face," he explained.


While it's more for the fans, he admitted that there are definitely three or four songs they wouldn't normally perform in their set. In fact, Bach doesn't plan on performing the complete album from top to bottom on future tours, so fans should make it a point to see them now while they can if that's what they want to see.

For tour dates, visit his official website.