R. Kelly Tour Dates Cancelled After 'Sex Cult' Accusations

Several of R. Kelly's upcoming concerts have been cancelled in the midst of the ongoing allegations that he is holding women against their will in a "sex cult."

Four of the R&B singer's ten scheduled shows have been cancelled, according to TMZ. Two of the shows were in Louisiana, one was in Dallas and the other was in Los Angeles.

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Sources told the outlet that the shows were pulled after tickets were selling poorly. A source in Kelly's camp only commented on the L.A. cancellation, which they attributed to a "scheduling conflict."

Kelly plans to continue on with the six remaining dates and shows no sign of curbing his on-stage behavior.

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The "Ignition (Remix)" singer performed his first show since the allegations surfaced in Virginia Beach on Saturday night. Kelly's show is typically full of sensual aspects, including women being asked to rub and grind on the singer.

He told the audience, "For those of you who don't agree with my show, I imagine y'all need to leave right now, because its about to get freakier than a motherf---er on this stage tonight."

He also said he thinks his on-stage persona should not have to change, as it's just entertainment.

"They hired R. Kelly, so I got to do the R. Kelly show," he told the audience. "That's just what it is. It's all entertainment y'all. Don't get caught up in it. It's all entertainment; that's all it is."


Family members of several women have told the police that the R&B legend is holding their daughters against their will in an abusive "cult" he formed. Three former members of Kelly's inner circle have spoken up about these claims and are telling similar stories.

Kelly has adamantly denied the accusations, saying, "I just want to let all of my fans out there know that, despite all of the crap y'all hearing, I will be coming to the East Coast to do my show — and believe me, y'all, it's a bunch of crap."