Post Malone's Dad Rich Post Responds to Concern About Rapper’s Alleged Drug Use

Post Malone has faced a wave of concern and backlash after recent concert videos show the rapper behaving wildly onstage, but his dad, Rich Post, is trying to set the record straight. Before the star, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, responded to the news, his father took to his Twitter account to dispel rumors of his son being on drugs. He posted a clip of Malone playing guitar without trouble during a concert. In the caption, Rich said he was "getting tired" of the discourse around his son.

The guitar clip served as a counter point to clips of Malone stumbling on stage, rolling his eyes and screaming lyrics in out-of-context videos. While all the moments seem to simply be Malone performing as usual and ramping up some theatrics to accompany his lyrics, some fans did not see it that way. Post may have been irritated by the discussion, but he did at least recognize these concerned fans' worries came from a good place, as he addressed in a followup tweet.

"I don't want to come across as dismissive to those of you who have expressed concerned about Austin," Post wrote. "Your sincerity and kindness regarding him is certainly heartwarming and appreciated."

He added, "Stop attacking one another. Be kind, understanding and considerate."

Malone, himself, addressed the allegations of drug abuse on Friday night during a concert at FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee, as fan video of the event shows.

"People have been asking me if I'm OK or on heavy drugs. I'm not on drugs and I feel the best I've ever f—ing felt in my whole life," Malone said. "That's why I can bust my ass for these shows and fall on the floor and do all that fun s—."

He added, "Anybody that's concerned here I appreciate the love and support, but I feel f—ing fantastic."

In reaction to his son's words, Post rejoiced, giving deniers a bit of an "I told you so" reaction.


"I told y'all," Post wrote, then directing fans to clips of Malone addressing the controversy. "For the dude that told me 'you will pull your dead body on top of your sons' you can, with all due respect politely go f— yourself."

Photo Credit: / John Connor Coulston