Post Malone Speaks out After Fans Express Concern Over Troubling Concert Videos

Post Malone has answered fans' fears after videos showed him heavily intoxicated at his most recent concerts. Fans have been tweeting about Malone's on-stage behavior recently, remarking that his daliances with drugs and alcohol do not look playful to them, but instead look like a call for help. The rapper said that their fears are unwarranted.

"My name is Austin Richard Post, and I'm here to play you all some s—ty music and get f—ed up while we do it," Post Malone said at his concert on Friday night, according to a report by Commercial Appeal.

Malone is out on his Runaway Tour, playing massive festival and venues to cheering crowds around the country. On Friday, he was at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. He told the crowd that his health was nothing to be concerned about.

"People have been asking me if I'm OK or on heavy drugs. I'm not on drugs and I feel the best I've ever f—ing felt in my whole life," he proclaimed. "That's why I can bust my ass for these shows and fall on the floor and do all that fun s—."

"Anybody that's concerned here I appreciate the love and support, but I feel f—ing fantastic," he concluded.

Fans have been sharing videos from throughout the Runaway Tour showing Malone slurring his words, stumbling on-stage and making absent-minded expressions. They noted that his eyes sometimes roll back in his head while he is singing, and more than once he seemed to seriously fall on stage.

"Someone needs to help Post Malone and cancel his tour ASAP. stop brushing it aside and say that this is what he does because this isn't normal behavior it's clearly a cry for help and we've lost too many artists bc of this," one fan tweeted.

"I'm genuinely concerned for Post Malone and his well-being right now," another added.

"Post Malone deserves so much more than this. He is such a special soul," a third wrote.

Other fans have pushed back saying that Malone's behavior is all a normal part of his stage presence. Still, with the rash of recent deaths among young rappers and singers, some fans are not willing to take chances. Back in December, rapper Juice WRLD passed away suddenly from an apparent drug overdose.

Post Malone's Runaway Tour continues through June, taking him overseas for dates in Europe.