Post Malone 'Fantastic Now' After Safe Emergency Landing

Post Malone says he is doing "fantastic now" after a plane he was in was able to make an emergency landing safely.

TMZ caught up to the rapper and asked him about his experience of being in an airplane that blew out two tires, forcing the pilots to bring it down unexpectedly.

"I f—ing hate flying," Malone first said, half-joking. He then explained that the flight had actually taken off once before and had to land due to a sensor issue.

"We took off again, and we just heard the tire pop," he then recalled, adding that smoke from the burt began to come into the cabin of the plane which they knew "was not good at all."

He went on to praise the pilot and flight crew, saying that "they handled it perfect," but confessed that he still sent a mass group text to tell his close friends and family that he loved them, "just in case."

Shortly after the plane landed, Malone sent out a message to his fans on twitter, but also took a shot at his critics.

"I landed guys. Thank you for your prayers," he tweeted. "Can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. F— you. But not today."

Many of Malone's followers sent back messages of support, letting him know that they were concerned about his safety, with one saying, "I'm so happy you're safe brother!"


"Yo let me know if you need an airplane mechanic to work on your planes," another fan offered, "I got you bro I'm a certified aviation mechanic and would gladly work for you and make sure your planes are safe."

In a previous interview with TMZ, Malone also said that the entire ordeal was very scary and now he was ready for a strong drink once he got back on the ground.