Phil Collins Plays Final Concert Ever With Genesis Amid Mounting Health Issues

Genesis ended their three-night stand at the O2 Arena in London, marking what is likely Phil Collins' last performance with the band. Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford ran through a setlist of their biggest hits, with Collins' son Nic Collins, 20, playing drums. Collins, 71, has been forced to sing while sitting in a chair on stage due to his latest health problems.

"Tonight is a very special night," Collins told the crowd in a video a fan shared on YouTube. "Of course, we're playing in London, and it's the last stop of our tour, and it's the last show for Genesis. This is difficult for us... but you still came out to see us! I guess after tonight; we've all got to get real jobs."

Genesis started their The Last Domino? Tour in September in England, and played several major shows in the U.S. and Canada in November and December. They returned to Europe to play dates in Germany, France, and The Netherlands in March. They finished up the tour with a three-night stand at the O2. The setlist included only Genesis hits, like "Turn It On Again," "Land of Confusion," "Domino," "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," "Invisible Touch," and "I Can't Dance." None of Collins' solo hits were included.

After Saturday night's show, Collins' daughter, Emily in Paris star Lily Collins, shared several photos and videos on Instagram. "Thank you [Genesis] for the memories, thank you, Dad, for being such an inspiration, and thank you [Nic] for making me the proudest sister there is," Lily wrote. "50 years of songs later and still generations more to celebrate you long after this tour has finished."

Nic also reflected on the importance of joining the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers for their last tour. "What an honor and ride it's been. Being part of their last lap around the track has been moving and amazing," Nic wrote. "50+ years of music, friendship, and memories, [Genesis] thank you for letting me be part of the last few. And with that also comes the end of my old man's time on stage. Thank you for the endless inspiration, drive, and love. To have shared this with you has been truly wonderful."

Collins has experienced several health problems in recent years, including dislocated vertebrae and nerve problems that made it impossible to keep drumming. He also has diabetes and walks with a cane. In an interview with The Guardian in September 2021, Collins said sitting didn't get in the way because, as he learned during his solo tours, the audience still responds to the music.

"My health does change things; doing the show seated changes things. But I actually found on my recent solo tours; it didn't get in the way; the audience were still listening and responding. It's not the way I would have written it, but it's the way that it is," Collins said. He said it was also "easy" to perform with Nic, who has been playing with his father since he was 16.

Last year, Collins also said this would be the last Genesis tour, but he never ruled out performing solo. Then again, there might be a reason for the question mark in the tour's name. "I think it depends a little bit how it goes," Banks told Mojo in September. "How Phil stands up to it all. How the audience receive it, and how we all feel about it, really."