Normani Injured in 'Really Bad Accident'

Normani had to cancel a scheduled performance due to the injury.

Normani was forced to cancel her highly anticipated performance at the 2024 BET Awards in Los Angeles due to a last-minute injury. The 28-year-old singer, who recently released her long-awaited debut solo album Dopamine on June 14, took to social media to share the unfortunate news with her followers.

Mere moments before the BET Awards ceremony was set to begin on Sunday, June 30, Normani posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram Stories, accompanied by a photo that revealed the extent of her injury. The image showed the "Wild Side" singer leaning on crutches, her right knee wrapped in a bandage, and what appeared to be a medical boot on her right foot. The post was punctuated with a series of emojis expressing her distress.

"I am more frustrated and disappointed than anyone believe me," Normani wrote. "I wanted to get on here and give you guys an update letting you know that while in rehearsals for BET I had a really bad accident and injured myself."

The singer expressed her deep disappointment at not being able to perform. "I am normally good for powering through under any circumstance," she stated, "but unfortunately due to my doctor's orders, I am just not able to make this performance happen."

"Trust me, I hear you, and I see you," she told her fans. "There is nothing more that I wanted to do than perform for you and also, get back to doing what fulfills me most -- BEING ON STAGE. Thank you so much for understanding."

Normani's performance at the BET Awards was set to be her first major live appearance following the release of Dopamine, an album that had been in the making for several years. Following the hiatus of Normani's former girl group, Fifth Harmony, in 2017, she embarked on a solo career that saw the release of several successful singles. However, her debut album faced numerous delays, which Normani attributed to a combination of factors including changes in her team, personal life events, and the need to feel absolutely confident in the project.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on May 31, Normani opened up about the reasons behind the album's prolonged development. "I feel like it's just been a combination of changing teams and people coming and going and also just real life happening that I couldn't have predicted, and just doing my best to navigate that," she explained. The singer also revealed the personal challenges she faced during this period, including her parents' health issues. "Both my parents had gotten really, really sick, and I've had just a lot of deaths pretty much back to back in such a short time frame," she shared.

Despite the setback at the BET Awards, Normani was grateful for the chance to perform. "Sending my love to BET for giving me and all of the other beautiful black women this opportunity," she wrote in her post. She also expressed her disappointment at being unable to celebrate with her fellow artists, stating, "This is definitely NOT how I envisioned this weekend but best believe I'll be championing everyone from home tonight."

"I desperately wanted to give you my best on that stage but performing would delay my healing," she explained. "I am devastated and hate feeling like a disappointment to you but I have to focus on recovering at this time." Normani's message concluded with a heartfelt apology: "I'm sorrrrrrrry guys and love you so much."