Marianas Trench Singer Josh Ramsay Dishes on Debut Solo Album 'The Josh Ramsay Show' (Exclusive)

Marianas Trench singer Josh Ramsay is preparing to release his first solo album, The Josh Ramsay Show and he's excited to debut a new musical chapter in his illustrious career. Speaking exclusively to, Ramsay expressed how he was feeling ahead of the album's release. "I'm really excited for it to come out. I'm prepping for the tour and I'm really excited about that," he said.

"This has been like the, my level of anticipation for this album coming out, the only thing other time in my career I've experienced this was my first album. Where the album had been done and the first Marianas Trench album had been done and in the can for like a year before it came out because they were just waiting for the right time or whatever. And that kind of happened with this too." Sharing how he finished mixing the album in July of last year, Ramsay went on to reveal he is currently in the studio because he's working on the next Marianas Trench album as well.

The Josh Ramsay Show is incredibly eclectic with two of its 18 songs sounding alike. Ramsay says he's been told that "stylistically" the album is "all over the place [because] it almost felt like a collection of short stories" thanks to its different sounds. "So varied, all over the place. I thought was kind of interesting. Not that was my intention, but I thought that was an interesting take on it," he said.

The award-winning singer offered some deeper insight into the thought process behind the album. "I'd always wanted to do a solo record where I played all the instruments myself," he explained. "That was always a plan for me one day to do that, but I never had to do that because I'm busy with Marianas Trench and writing songs for other artists as well and all of that. And then the pandemic happened and everyone was in quarantine, no one was leaving the house. I was like, 'Well if I'm ever going to do it, now's the time.'"

He continued: "And then I was like, 'Well I'm not going to make a Marianas Trench record on my own because I don't think anyone would really appreciate that. So what the hell am I going to do then?' And then I was like, 'Well, I work in other genres a lot when I write for other artists. So why don't I just try and do something where each song feels like a different genre and just get nuts?' And because of the pandemic, I also didn't have a deadline. If I'm being totally honest, I felt like the last Marianas Trench album should have had another couple of songs on it, but there was a deadline and I just didn't have the time to get to it. So this was more like, what can I really do if I have no deadline and I've just left my own devices and I'll lock myself in a room for a year and just get crazy?" 

The result of Ramsay's isolated creativity is The Josh Ramsay Show, a musical journey completely indefinable by genre standards that is as much rock and pop as it is Broadway and country. Fans can hear for themselves when the album releases on April 8. It's currently available to pre-save here.