LFO Singer Devin Lima's Mom Breaks Silence After 41-Year-Old Dies

LFO singer Devin Lima recently passed away from cancer, and the 41-year-old's mom has broken her [...]

LFO singer Devin Lima recently passed away from cancer, and the 41-year-old's mom has broken her silence on his death.

According to Radar, Filomena Lima confirmed her son's death, expressing deep sorrow over the loss.

"My son has passed away," she said through tears. "He was struggling for thirteen months since his diagnosis. He passed about 2:45 in the morning."

"We are not good," Filomena added. "I'm not good." The grieving mother also shared that it was Lima's fiance who notified the family of his death.

Lima was first diagnosed with stage four adrenal cancer in 2017, after doctors found a large tumor that was pushing against a number of his vital internal organs. They removed the tumor successfully, but discovered that it was malignant.

Many of Lima's friend and fans have taken to Twitter to mourn the loss of the singer, with a number sharing photos and messages of sympathy.

"Incredibly sad to hear the news of [Devin Lima's] passing. My heart breaks for the entire [LFO] family, but I'm thankful I was fortunate enough to meet him and witness the positivity that he spread to everyone around him," on person tweeted.

"Woke up with such a heavy heart. Damn [Devin Lima]," another fan commented. "Thank you for the memories, for always being you. For being a friend. I know Rich was there to welcome you with open arms."

"We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our friend [Devin Lima]. Devin was one 3rd of the group [LFO] and both he and [Brad Fischetti] where honorable enough to join us on an episode of our show, an episode that we will hold dear to us now. Rest in peace, Devin," the Major's Mess Hall Podcast said of the fallen singer.

Lima is not the first member of LFO to pass away after a battle with cancer, as former LFO singer Rich Cronin also fought the illness. In 2005, Cronin was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and, sadly, later died in 2010 at the age of 36.

While former member Brian Gillis is also still alive, Brad Fischetti in the only official current member of LFO left.