Korn Band Member to Take Hiatus to Work on 'Bad Habits'

Korn band member Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu is taking a step back from the band. In a note to fans on Monday, Arvizu, who serves as the band's bassist, announced a brief hiatus in order to "take some time off to heal" and work through "some personal issues" he has been dealing with for the past six years that have caused him to "fall back on some of my bad habits."

In the note, which was shared to Instagram, the musician explained that he made the decision to take a break from Korn after it was "suggested to me to take some time off to heal." Arvizu said that he is "going to respect what was asked of me and take that time" in order to work "towards getting the bad habits out of my system." While fans will not see Arvizu "on stage with my band," he said that during this time, he "will be staying creative to keep my mind & soul in a good place." He went on to thank fans for "all of your support, patience & understanding as we all have something that we deal with." He ended the announcement with a message to his bandmates, reading, "Jonathan, Munky, Ray and Head, I love you and I don't want to bring any tension or bad vibes to the circle."

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Arviz's post came after his bandmate, Jonathan Davis, confirmed in late April that the group finished working on their 14th studio album, their latest since 2019's The Nothing. Davis confirmed, "We just got done writing a record." He added that "the band is in different spots all over the place now," which has made getting them all together to do anything difficult. Davis said, "We have to plan that all out. I'm sure there are a bazillion other bands with new music to release, too. In the meantime, let's just go out, play live and have some fun."

Arvizu's hiatus from the band also comes just weeks after Korn announced a 28-show 2021 U.S. summer tour, which will feature direct support from fellow hard rockers Staind. The tour is set to kick off in West Palm Beach, Florida on Aug. 5 before ending in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 21. The tour will feature opening sets from rock-duo '68 (Aug.5–29) and Texas headbangers Fire From The Gods (Aug. 31-Sep. 21).


While Arvizu will likely not be part of this tour amid his break to focus on his own wellbeing, fans have reacted to his announcement with support. Replying to his post, one Korn fan acknowledged that it "takes strength to admit when you need to step back from what you love to focus on yourself again." Another fan said they "completely understand" and encouraged Arviz to "do whatever it is you need to do. We just wanna see you happy and in good health." At this time, it is unclear how long the bassist's hiatus will last.