Kelly Clarkson Releases Christmas Breakup Song Amid Brandon Blackstock Divorce

The Christmas season is near and holiday tunes are starting to pour in. Aside from the classics like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," new jingle bells are being released to spread some holiday cheer. But not Kelly Clarkson. The NBC talk show host released a new holiday jam that's riddled with heartbreak.

On Thursday, Sept. 23, the American Idol alum released 'Christmas Isn't Cancelled (Just You).' Throughout the song, Clarkson reflects on memories with an old love while she sings about everything she can do this holiday season without him. The long list of fun activities she can do without a man includes dancing in the snow, listening to Christmas music, and hanging up every light she can find in the house.

The song seems to be a divorce anthem, amid Clarkson's contentious split from her former manager, Brandon Blackstock. The two have fought over custody of their two children, property, and money. Clarkson appears to be pouring out her emotions over the split in her music.

She says the song is a way of "bring[ing] forth a sense of reality to the fact that we are probably all in very different places emotionally 'when Christmas comes around,'" Clarkson notes in a press release, as reported by Us Weekly. "Some of us consumed with a new love, some of us reminded of loss, some filled with optimism for the coming new year, others elated for some much deserved time away from the chaos our work lives can sometimes bring us."

Clarkson isn't letting a divorce get her down during the holidays. She's trying to find joy in every moment, despite what her life circumstances may be. She told Glennon Doyle on her talk show recently that it's easy to feel like the "ghost of Christmas future," adding "It's never gonna change. You're gonna be 60 years old probably going, 'Man, I don't know. I could do this now.' I always like to do what's going to make me happy in the moment. What's gonna be fun. What seems exciting." Listen to the song below: