Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne's Halftime Show Underwhelms College Football National Championship Viewers

Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne performed the halftime show that aired during the College Football [...]

Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne performed the halftime show that aired during the College Football Playoff National Championship on ESPN Monday night to an overwhelmingly negative response on Twitter.

The group, best known for their breakthrough hits "Radioactive" and "Demons," were joined by rapper Lil Wayne. The band was chosen to perform since their song "Natural" was used as the ESPN college football anthem this season.

Unlike many halftime shows during football games, Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne actually performed far from the game's venue. Instead of performing at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California, they performed at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.

Imagine Dragons' performance gave plenty of sports writers and viewers at home a chance to get creative with their complaints.

"Imagine Dragons with the only performance worse than Bama's defense so far tonight," one person tweeted.

"Just trying to imagine anyone over the age of 18 answering the question 'What's your favorite band' with 'Imagine Dragons,'" NFL associate editor Ian Kenyon tweeted.

"Imagine Dragons makes music for 17-year-olds who identify as 18 on Tinder," another person wrote.

"What if I don't want to imagine dragons? What if I want to imagine a good band instead?" another viewer wrote.

Others saved their critiques for Lil Wayne, who who was compared to characters including McDonald's' Hamburglar and Spongebob Squarepants.

"Lil Wayne coming strong with the Hamburglar tribute tonight," one college football fan wrote.

"Lil Wayne auditioning for The Masked Singer by going through the closet of your 87 year old aunt," added another viewer.

As for the game itself, it was a match-up between two undefeated teams, Clemson and Alabama. Aas of press time, Clemson leads, 37-16.

Last year's halftime show featured Kendrick Lamar in the first College Football Playoff National Championship Halftime Performance at Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park.

Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images