Iggy Azalea Promises Fans a 'Twerkpit' at Her Upcoming Concert

Iggy Azalea is gearing up for a new concert, and she's promised fans that there will be a [...]

Iggy Azalea is gearing up for a new concert, and she's promised fans that there will be a "Twerkpit." Taking to Twitter, Azalea made the announcement, saying, "So if you come to my show; You're gonna notice a giant yellow circle on the floor in the middle of GA that says 'twerkpit.' When it's about that time at the show y'all gotta clear off the circle unless you bout to show us something crazy." Essentially the idea is similar to a moshpit, only instead of people shoving each other violently, people will be twerking.

The announcement has had social media sounding off, with many people very excited about the move.

"I don't know what cult this is, but I'm in," one person joked.

"Cant wait to shake my non-existent a— at home while watching the livestream!!" another person quipped.

"Is it at least 7 feet wide for the surprise drop split?" someone else asked.

"I'll be the only one doing the Macarena," one other person tweeted.

A fifth fan asked if the pit is "only for twerking?" Azalea replied, "It's for any and all dancing."

A few celebrities have commented on the "twerkpit" concept since Azalea announced it, with radio personality Supa Cindy saying, "I'm going to be in @IGGYAZALEA twerkpit lol please don't hurt me."

"This is a great idea. We will also have a 'twerkpit' at all our shows from now on. And our next album is going to be called twerkpit as well," reggae-punk band The Expendables joked. "And also my next child will be named twerkpit.

One person sarcastically asked why it was called a "twerkpit" and not a "twerkle," to which Azalea responded, "I considered it but then everyone said twerkle sounded like it was for rookies."

Another user then quipped, "So will there be a twerkle off to the side? For the rookies?"