Grammys 2020: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Perform Duet 'Nobody But You,' and Fans Weigh In

In the most romantic moment of the Grammy Awards so far, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani hit the stage to perform their new duet, "Nobody But You." Fans immediately loved the duet, and took to Twitter to express their adoration over the tender moment shared between the two. The single has touched the hearts of fans all over, and tonight's performance was no different.

"Really liked 'Nobody But You' by Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani the first time I heard it last week and seeing it performed live tonight was great," wrote one fan.

"I am not a mushy lovey, dovey, type but dang Gwennie, you and Blake are SUCH relationship and fashion goals right now," added another.

The couple released the music video for the song on Jan. 21, which starts with the pair singing separately before pairing up for a diner date, a cuddle session on the couch with their dog and a psychedelic car ride.

"I can already tell you that's going to be one of the greatest rushes I'm ever going to experience, being on stage with Gwen Stefani at the Grammys, doing our song together," Shelton said ahead of the show, via ABC News. "The easiest thing in the world I've ever done is to sing any song with Gwen."

"And, you know, look in her eyes and just know we know what each other are thinking," he added.

"Nobody But You" appears on Shelton's recently released album, Fully Loaded: God's Country, and is all about professing your love to your partner and making sure they know there's nowhere else you'd rather be.

"The lyrics of that song are so on point, not just for me and Gwen, but I think for a lot of people," Shelton told Nashville Lifestyles of the track. "The song is not a fairytale, but at the same time it's the most epic, earth-rattling love song I've heard in a long time, because the lyrics are so honest and just say it how it is."

"This was one of those songs where the more I heard it, the more I fell in love with it," he said in a statement. "I also realized how important it is for me and where I am in my life, and I think that's why [songwriter] Shane [McAnally] was trying to get it to me."

The Grammys air Sunday, Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy