Grammys 2019 Host Alicia Keys Releases Surprise Track 'Raise a Man' After Show

Grammys host Alicia Keys wrapped up a night of musical excellence by releasing a new song of her own, titled "Raise A Man."

Keys was the first female performer to host the Grammy Awards in 14 years. She was generally well-received by viewers of the award show, and she held their attention even after the cameras were off. Keys dropped her new song as soon as the show was over, and it spread across other social media platforms.

"Tonight was such a musical night I decided to drop a new vibe & have some fun with y'all!!!" Keys tweeted.

The post racked up likes and retweets quickly, although fans were still distracted by Keys' Grammy performance. They responded with compliments for the singer, telling her in no uncertain terms that her time on stage — particularly her double piano medley — had been the highlight of their night.

"Oh wow! Alicia, you brought me to tears AND gave me permagrin during your double piano performance!" a fan wrote. "I have missed seeing you play live, SOOOOO much! Music is alive and well, in you. Thank you so much for that. Much love to you ma'am!"

"The best Grammy ever!" added another. "Congratulations Alicia you were wonderful. Thank you for all."

Fans were so refreshed by the awe-inspiring, controversy-free award show that many even asked Keys if she would step in and host the Oscars, saving it from its host-less confusion.

"Alicia, you did an amazing job hosting! You are so chill and positive! Maybe you could do the Oscars too!" A fan suggested. "Loved your performance with the two pianos!"

So far, there has been little response to the song itself, which is a soulful ballad about vulnerability, romance and child-rearing. The lyrics are topical, seeming to address feminism and the Me Too movement.

"Can I be a woman for you, baby / In a time when it's not allowed?" Keys croons.

So far, commenters have mostly focused on Keys' formidable vocal range, and the song's earnest, unflinching production. Many are hoping that the single is the first of many, and that a new album from Keys is on the way this year.

"We need a new album from Alicia Keys this 2019 Pleaseeeee," one fan pleaded.

"Alicia be the type to take a break from hosting the Grammys to drop a song," joked another.


Keys hosted the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday night on CBS, handing out some well-deserved awards in the music industry.