Firework Explodes in Crowd at ODEZA's Life Is Beautiful Concert

Several concertgoers were injured after a stray firework flew into a crowd of concertgoers during ODESZA's Life Is Beautiful set in Las Vegas Sunday night.

According to TMZ, the electropop duo had been finishing up its Sunday night set at the Las Vegas music festival with a fireworks show when a rogue firework shot straight into the crowd of singing concertgoers.

In videos from the festival, shared by fans online, fans can be seen dancing and singing during the pyrotechnic display before a ball of sparks shoots out directly into the crowd. The audience members can then be heard screaming.

According to law enforcement sources, the incident occurred after one of the pyrotechnics fell over after the firework unit malfunctioned, causing the firework to shoot horizontally into the crowd rather than vertically into the sky.

Two people suffered minor injuries in the Sunday night incident, with one person being treated on the scene after being hit in the stomach and another having suffered an injury to their eye.

"A firework struck the crowd last night at Life Is Beautiful. Crazy.. really hope the girl that was hit in the face is okay," one person who attended the music festival wrote on Twitter, sharing yet another video from the incident.

"Dude, one of the fireworks went into the crowd during Odesza's set," one person wrote on Twitter. "That s– was terrifying, I hope the people that were in that area are okay. Straight up.."


The Seattle electro duo regularly end their sets with jaw-dropping pyrotechnic displays, though this is the first time that the fireworks show has gone awry.

Neither ODESZA or Life Is Beautiful music festival have released a statement regarding the incident.