Eminem Spokesperson Denies the Rapper Used Gunshot Sound Effects at Bonnaroo

Eminem is denying having used gunshot sound effects during his performance at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, instead claiming that the noises were caused by a "pyrotechnic concussion."

Following his performance at the Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee on Saturday that drew backlash from concertgoers who panicked due to apparent sound effects that resembled gunshots, a representative for the rapper is speaking out in his defense.

"Contrary to inaccurate reports, Eminem does not use gunshot sound effects during his live show," the representative for the 45-year-old told the Daily Mail, adding that the sound effects were "a pyrotechnic concussion which creates a loud boom. He has used this effect - as have hundreds other artists - in his live show for over 10 years, including previous US festival dates in 2018 without complaint."

The rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, was performing his hit song "Kill You" from his 2000 album, The Marshall Mathers LP on Saturday when several loud bangs resembling gunshots sounded.

The unexpected noises sent the crowd into a panic, according to Billboard, with many fans screaming and ducking in an attempt to seek shelter. As many pointed out, the apparent gunshot sound effects came in the wake of several deadly mass shootings.

"Being at a festival/concert in these current times brings new concerns & fears. Had to leave @Eminem set after 3rd gunshot at @Bonnaroo cuz panic was setting in my section (front pit). Extremely realistic &scary! Would have been good to have a warning before show. #irresponsible," one concertgoer tweeted.

"coming from a performing stand point, i get the effect of sound effects on stage, but there's a certain point that cross's the line. i'm one of eminem's number 1 fans but to hear 3 gun shots coming straight from his set had me scared af. not gonna lie. especially in this world..." another person commented.


"When eminem let off the gunshot sound effect at his bonnaroo set last night, the whole place went silent because we all thought it was real....im hella disappointed in slim shady now smh," someboedy else wrote, adding in a second tweet that while they were not at Eminem's show, they could hear the sound effects from "a stage away."

Eminem's performance came less than a year after the deadly mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, which killed 58 people and injured more than 500, and just over a year since the terror attack outside the Manchester Areana following an Ariana Grande concert. The sound effects also followed in the wake of several mass shooting at schools across the country.