Demi Lovato Blasts Ex-Fiance Max Ehrich in New Song

Singer Demi Lovato has been undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis lately, breaking off her toxic [...]

Singer Demi Lovato has been undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis lately, breaking off her toxic engagement with actor Max Ehrich and releasing new music. These two major things intersect in her new song, "15 Minutes," which reads as a bold condemnation of his alleged opportunist behavior. While the lyrics to "15 Minutes" don't mention Ehrich by name, Lovato leaves very little to interpretation.

"Changed your colors so fast / Tried to turn my friends into friends of the past / Always puttin' you first, could've been your future / But you didn't even care about me like that," Lovato belts out in the new song. "Cause you were looking for fifteen minutes, yeah / And now you got fifteen minutes, yeah / Pack your stuff, you can come and get it, yeah / Ain't goodbye but it's good riddance." When asked about the track in an interview with Apple Music, Lovato merely responded, "Crickets. Is that an answer?"

Lovato and Ehrich broke up in September 2020, two months after announcing their engagement. Following their split, Ehrich was quick to spill to the tabloids, which did not sit well with Lovato. "She is completely embarrassed at the way he's been acting and putting their relationship on blast via social media. She wants nothing to do with him," an insider told E! News, adding that Ehrich's "erratic behavior" is "worrying" for Lovato, who "does not want the situation to escalate."

On top of private relationship stuff, the relationship between Lovato and Ehrich faced scrutiny after fans found old stan tweets where Ehrich disparaged Lovato and professed to love her former friend, Selena Gomez. Lovato addressed those tweets in her statement after their breakup, denying that they existed.

"It's really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other. If women have conflict, that's between them, NOT YOU," Demi said in her statement. "It's hella rude but damn, I get it. I don't wanna look at what's really happening in the world either but WE HAVE TO."

Lovato went on to say that it was "easier" to "tear apart celebrities and their relationships" because "2020 sucks and scares the s—t out of us all." Lovato also encouraged her fans to "address it all" and "work on solutions together."