Chloe Bailey Makes Controversial Relationship Remarks Amid Debut Single Success

Chloe Bailey is having to clear up a lot of speculation regarding her feelings on her romantic relationships. The former Chloe X Halle singer once told her Twitter followers, "Music is my man," in an Instagram Live session." However, it looks as if in recent weeks, she's changed her mind. The whole discussion began when another Twitter user shared a headline of a news headline that read: "Chloe Bailey Reveals She Doesn't Like When A Guy Answers Every Time She Calls: 'I Want To Be Left Wondering What You're Doing.'" In response, Bailey wrote, "Women gettin weirder and weirder out'chea."

But the "Have Mercy" singer wrote in a separate Tweet responding to the headline, Bailey tried clarifying, saying it has all to do with ambition and none to do with being clingy. "I meant if someone is really on their grind, working hard on themselves, they won't always be available."

She also shared that she's not always available because she is committing her time to working on her own personal goals. "Ofc I want you to answer my calls x respond and be all up under me, but it's also sexy 2 know someone is working towards something great and is busy 2."

Bailey has been a trending topic for weeks. Her debut single's music video has millions of views on YouTube already. She followed it up with a showstopping performance at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. Following that, Bailey has been on several light night programs prompting the single, as well as finalizing the remaining portions of her debut solo album. 

In the meantime, she's been up against comparisons to he mentor, Beyonce, which she says is a major compliment. "She said she's really proud of me," Bailey told the hosts of The Breakfast Club "[The comparison] is not something that we specifically talk about. But I just love her and I'm happy she sees this light inside of me and my sister as well. I'm grateful [to be compared to Beyonce]! That's the biggest compliment anyone could possibly give me."