Halle Bailey Opens up About Postpartum Depression Amid DDG Breakup Rumors

The Disney star gave birth to her first child late last year.

Halle Bailey shocked some when she confirmed long-speculated rumors that she was pregnant earlier this year by announcing the birth of her son, Halo. The Little Mermaid star, now 24, shares the baby boy with rapper and social media personality, DDG. While Bailey prefers a more private approach to her life, DDG puts it on display. Their differing lifestyle choices have confused many of Bailey's fans, especially considering her girl-next-door and Disney princess-crafted image. Still, Bailey has stood beside DDG, despite some of his questionable antics. Recently, however, fans have questioned if they're currently together after noticing both have nearly removed all traces of one another from their respective social media pages. They've also reportedly unfollowed one another. Now, Bailey is getting real about the struggles of first-time motherhood.

In a snap chat video, she revealed she's been struggling with postpartum depression. Many believe Halo was born in November 2023, which would make him about five months old. "I have severe, severe postpartum," she revealed on her Snapchat story, as reported by BOSSIP. "I don't know if any new moms can relate, but it's to the point where it's really bad and it's hard for me to be separated from my baby for more than 30 minutes at a time before I start to kind of freak out."

She added: "I feel like a completely different person when I look in the mirror. I just feel like I'm in a whole new body, and I don't know who I am." Bailey says it's not an issue discussed enough. "And I do think there's a little bit of a stigma when you hear about people talking about postpartum," she said. "Now going through it, I feel like it feels like you're swimming in this ocean that's like the biggest waves you've ever felt, and you're trying not to drown."

Whether Bailey and DDG are together, she didn't confirm. But she did take the time during the video to give DDG props for being a supportive co-parent. "I couldn't have asked for a better person to have a baby with," she said. "You all know that Halo has the most amazing daddy in the world. Moo Moo is just the perfect dad to him. He loves him so much. He's so present."