Britney Spears Reportedly Wants Father Jamie Questioned Under Oath Over Alleged Recordings

Britney Spears and her legal team want her father Jamie Spears to pay big time if he did indeed record her personal moments while under his watch via conservatorship. Per The Daily Mail, Britney's team is planning to depose her Jamie and security manager for allegedly monitoring the 'Oops I Did It Again' singer in her bedroom. A source close to the case says Britney's lawyer Mattclahew Rosengart will request subpoenas in order to interview Jamie and Robin Greenhill under oath. Greenhill was one of Britney's caretakers hired by Jamie.

Britney's attorney wants to discuss the reported "financial mismanagement and dissipation of funds" and "the monitoring and recording of her phone and placing a listening device under her bed." One of the security managers hired by Jamie confessed in the New York Times Controlling Britney Spears documentary now available for streaming on Hulu that Jamie snooped at the highest level unbeknownst to Britney. 

Jamie's lawyer defends his actions, telling The New York Times that his actions were 'well within the parameters of the authority conferred upon him by the court.' On Sept. 29, Jamie was stripped of his conservatorship after months of court appearances with Britney and her new team pleading their case.

"Now that Matt's had the big victory on Wednesday, he's deposing Jamie Spears and looking into Tri Star and Robin Greenhill in particular," the source continues. "He will be subpoenaing and taking the deposition of Robin Greenhill. It will be coming up in approximately the next 30 days."

Rosengart will also reportedly be questioned regarding Britney's low net worth. She is worth an estimated $60 million despite the lucrative albums, tours, merchandise, brand deals, and more. Many believe those involved in her conservatorship have been robbing her blind.  "It would be into alleged financial mismanagement – $60million net worth is smaller than one might think it would be,' the source said. Many who are at Britney's level or higher are worth hundreds of millions.

Alex Vlasov, a former security manager for Britney, revealed in the explosive documentary that he received mirrored texts and communications from Britney's phone, per her father's instruction. Britney's team plan to delve into that as well. Vlasov claims he worked with Britney's team for nine years. 

A lawyer for the security company insists the allegations of monitoring per Vlascov's claims were 'not true'. "Ms. Greenhill was only involved in Ms. Spears' security to the extent Ms. Spears requested her involvement, as well as Tri Star's role of issuing the payments to the security company," the attorney claims.