BLACKPINK's Jisoo Dating Star Actor

The K-pop star confirms to news outlets her new relationship with Ahn Bo-hyun.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is off the market. It is reported that the 28-year-old K-pop star is dating actor Ahn Bo-hyun, following local media reports that the couple was spotted together in Seoul. The relationship was also confirmed by Ahn's team, who told CNN, "The two are in a stage where they are getting to know each other slowly with good feelings. We would appreciate if you could watch the couple with a warm gaze." The news outlet reported that BLACKPINK's label YG Entertainment provided a similar statement to Yonhap. The only BLACKPINK member to have a confirmed relationship so far is Jisoo, though rumors surrounding the love lives of Rosé, Jennie and Lisa are also commonly circulating. Some sources said as recently as May of this year that Jennie and BTS' V were dating each other, even though she has not confirmed this.

Due to online criticism, social media hate, and their busy schedules, K-pop stars often find dating extremely difficult. In addition, many music companies have imposed "dating bans" on their K-pop groups. A dating ban was also imposed on BLACKPINK at one point, which the K-pop group confirmed during an interview on JYP's Party People in 2017. According to Jisoo in a 2016 interview, YG Entertainment and its CEO Yang Hyun-Suk were very strict about dating while they were trainees at the company. "The first time I met Yang-Hyun Suk, he asked me, 'Do you happen to have a boyfriend right now?' At the time, I was wearing a ring, and he even asked what that ring was," she said. "I didn't have a boyfriend, and It was just a ring." 

Compared to the singer's new boyfriend, Ahn is a few years older than her; he is 35 and has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows over the years. The Busan native began his career as a model and made his acting debut in 2014, and is known for his roles in K-dramas such as Itaewon Class, Yumi's Cells, and Descendants of the Sun since he became a star. Jisoo is also an actress when she is not performing with one of the biggest girl groups in the world. In her most recent role, she appeared in the television series Snowdrop opposite Jung Hae-in. Jisoo and the rest of BLACKPINK are nearing the end of their Born Pink World Tour, launched last October in support of BLACKPINK's sophomore album, Born Pink, released in 2022. It was the girls' first No. 1 Billboard 200 release, and two No. 1 Global 200 singles followed: "Pink Venom" and "Shut Down."