Matt Dike, Beastie Boys Producer, Dies at 55

Music producer Matt Dike, who worked with legendary rap trio the Beastie Boys, has died at the age [...]

Music producer Matt Dike, who worked with legendary rap trio the Beastie Boys, has died at the age of 55.

Variety reports that he passed away at his Los Angeles home after a battle with a brief illness.

Dike was a co-founder of Los Angeles hip-hop label Delicious Vinyl, and produced iconic hip-hop songs such as "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc, as well as "Bust a Move" by Young MC.

He also helped craft the Beastie Boys' sophomore album, Paul's Boutique, which is considered by many to be an incredibly influential hip-hop album, though at the time it flopped.

"The album was a complete and utter failure at the time. It didn't sell s—," Dike himself once said of the album.

One of the people who shared a memorial message of Dike on social media was Roots drummer Questlove.

"Dog. This is crazy. So upset I never got to meet up/chat [with Matt Dike,] Proprietor of [Delicious Vinyl] records. Creator of some of the most timeless fratty party hip hop ever ('Wild Thing' 'Funky Cold Medina' 'Bust A Move'). Signing some stellar artists that were out of the norm at the time: [Brand New Heavies, Mellow Man Ace, and ThePharcyde,]" Questlove wrote.

"[In my opinion,] his crowning achievement was as one of the producers for one of THE greatest timeless hip hop albums ever [Pauls Boutique.] It simply gets better with time (will be 30 years old in 2 years) it took 10 years to go double platinum and was considered a flop at the time of its release," he continued.

"But EVERY creative agrees that this album was not only [the Beastie Boys'] finest hour — but one of hip hop's finest hours as well," Questlove added. "It was my dream to nerd out and ask him (& the dust brothers too) about how they defied the laws of sampling gravity & made some of the most groundbreaking work ever. Rest In Beats."

John Dragonetti, member of Indie rock band The Submarines, also spoke fondly of Dike on social media, tweeting, "We didn't end up making that Jack Drag album with Matt. I did feel though, that I had met someone quite special. I still wonder what kind of record we would've made... or what total disaster would've ensued."

Many fans of Dike's work also took to Twitter to share memorial tweets, with one saying, "Matt Dike. what an inspiration and sad loss. Having picked apart both Pauls Boutique and Odelay for mixtape projects the Dust Brothers ideas and treatments will always continue to inspire me. Rest in Beats dust brother."

Dike is survived by his sister Vikyana, his brother Lane, and a nephew.