Ariana Grande Makes Joke at 'SNL' Star Pete Davidson's Expense in 'Thank U, Next' Video

Ariana Grande fans reveled in a short teaser video the pop music superstar posted on Monday for her "thank u next" video. The clip paid homage to the cult classic comedy Mean Girls while simultaneously poking fun at her celebrity status and failed engagement to Pete Davidson.

The clip, which teases the video as "coming soon," even features some of the actors from Mean Girls. It opens with a high school student standing against a row of lockers.

"One time on Twitter, I heard Ariana was pregnant. So I got pregnant so we could be pregnant at the same time. Turns out it's just a rumor," the girl said, revealing a baby bump.

Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in the Tina Fey comedy, repeated an iconic line from the film. "Ariana Grande told me my hair looks sexy pushed back," he said, smirking and adding, "She's not wrong."

Next appeared Stefanie Drummond, who played the girl the fictional Regina George supposedly punched in the face. "Ariana broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me and I broke off an engagement," Drummond said, delivering a slam against Grande's failed engagement with Saturday Night Live star Davidson, which has been heavily publicized.

"I heard she's a lesbian now and dating some chick called Aubrey. It's f—ing sick," another student said.

"I heard if you record her snoring and play it backwards it sounds like Fantasia," someone else chimed in.

The teaser ends with a final homage to Mean Girls: "Ariana says 'Honest to God knock me out,' so I decided to punch myself in the face," one girl dressed as Grande said. "It was awesome."

The 48-second clip excited fans in the comments, which many anxiously looking forward to the release of the full video.

"I LOVE THIS," one fan wrote.

"I can't wait for this," someone else said.

"This is going to be the best thing on YouTube........ever!" another wrote.

"OMG CANT NOT FRICKIN WAIT!" one Instagram user commented.


The singer has spent the last few weeks teasing the video on social media, revealing that it will likely include not just Mean Girls references, but also those to other iconic films like Legally Blonde, 13 Going on 30 and Bring It On. In several photos, she's dressed as the leading ladies from all three of those movies.

In one, she wears a cheerleading outfit and captioned the post with a famous line from Bring It On: "'i transferred from los angeles, your school has no gymnastics team this issaalast resort ........ ok i’ve never cheered before so what?’ #thankunext."

After posting an image of her wearing a fluffy pink shirt akin to that of Reese Witherspoon's in Legally Blonde with the caption "whoever said orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed," she shared a photo with Jennifer Coolidge, who played Paulette. "new best friend .... thank u, next," Grande captioned the photo.


The video will likely serve as a vehicle poking fun at Grande's celebrity status as well as the media and fan speculation surrounding her relationships. Earlier this spring she and Davidson started dating just a few weeks after she longtime boyfriend Mac Miller broke up. Within weeks of her relationship with Davidson, they had become engaged. A few months into the engagement, Miller died of an overdose. Shortly after, Davidson and Grande split up.

Her new hit, "thank u, next" calls out several of her ex-boyfriends by name and seems to be the perfect song for a Mean Girls-themed video. Only time will tell, but until then, Grande fans wait with bated breath.