AMAs 2019: Watch Cardi B Receive Her Award in Bathrobe and Sunglasses

Cardi B might not have been able to make the American Music Awards this year, but the rapper made sure to thank her fans for the Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist she took home during Sunday's award ceremony in a way only she could — clad in a bathrobe and sunglasses. Looking comfortable and cool in her robe with a towel rapped around her hair and earrings in her ears, Cardi accepted her award with a fake pineapple in her hand, thanking her fans for all the support along the way.

“What’s happening everybody? It’s your girl Cardi B,” she said. “I tried to get a little cute for y’all, put my little Aldo earrings on and s—.”

She continued of the metallic pineapple, “So we gonna pretend like this an AMA award, and I wanna say thank you everybody for voting for me for this AMA award, I’m so grateful that I won this AMA award.”

Adding she was sorry to not have attended last week's Soul Train awards, Cardi explained she's been busy making music every second of her day.

“I’m sorry to my fans that I’ve really been off the scene. I’ve been busy every f—ing night, every motherf—ing day in the studio,” she explained, joking that she hadn't exactly been able to focus on her own glam routine, let alone attend a major award ceremony.

“I haven’t been able to, you know, put a nice wig on, wax my mustache, even do my nails, my f—ing eyebrows is f—ed up, so you know, I’ve been a little bit off the scene and everything because I’ve just been a little bit off, just focusing so I can deliver some good ol’ music for y’all in 2020," she explained, adding a message about hygiene for her followers to close.


“And, like I said, thank you so much, and just remember — brush your teeth, brush your tongue, eat carrots for you motherf—ing vision, don’t be lazy, put lotion and baby oil right after you get out the shower, and I love you,” she said.

Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images