Aaron Carter Has Awkward Run-In With Fan Over Cost of Meet-And-Greet Offer

Fans hoping to get a picture with "I Want Candy" singer Aaron Carter better be ready to pay the price. According to a fan who attended the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis on Friday, a stop on the Pop 2000 Tour, a simple request for a photo turned into an awkward run-in over meet-and-greet prices.

The fan, who spoke to TMZ, explained that after Carter stepped off stage and entered the crowd, he began telling certain fans that he was standing near that "you're in my crew," though when the anonymous fan asked to join the "crew," she was told she'd have to pay.

"It will be $300 for a meet-and-greet," Carter allegedly responded before adding, "I'll make it $250."

The fan, unfortunately did not have any money, though Carter continued, stating, "How about $50 for a picture?"

Eventually, Carter offered to take a photo with the fan "for free," though the fan felt bad and said he "clearly needed the money." Carter, however, assured her that "I don't need it. I have an $80,000 watch on."

Carter then walked away, though video from the moments after showed the fan singing "I want it that way" before the singer chimed in "I don't want you at all."

You can see the video on TMZ by clicking here.

Responding to the alleged incident, a publicist for the singer stated that prices of all meet-and-greets "are pre-set," and that Carter has no authority over the prices.

"Aaron is part of a tour and the cost of meet-and-greets are pre-set. The artists do not negotiate anything with the fans. People can choose to participate or not," the statement to TMZ read. "Aaron was attempting to explain this to the person who was questioning him about how meet-and-greets work when in fact it should have been a staff member handling this and not Aaron. He was just trying to be nice and help out an attendee who was confused."

In recent weeks, Carter's name has been in headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Earlier this month, the singer found himself in hot water after he adopted an English bulldog named Mighty, later suggesting during an Instagram Live video that he adopts dogs and then sells them for a profit.

Carter later denied the accusations, claiming on Twitter that "I make over $3 million a year I don't need to sell a dog for money" and that "what I said in my Instagram live video was a joke."


Shortly after, news broke that he and Lina Valentina had split after nearly a year of dating.

In the days after, police reportedly visited his house for a welfare check after a family member feared that he was suicidal. After the incident, Carter promised the "truth will come out."